“1st Trimester Survival Kit”

Dear Faith Rocker,

It was a warm autumn day and I’d spent most of it in bed, quite fatigued. Drained for no apparent reason, I painstakingly peeled myself out from under the covers in preparation for a fancy girls night out. Although over a week late for my cycle, the thought of pregnancy hadn’t crossed my mind. I’d spoken to my mother-in-law who mentioned my hair and skin having a healthy glow and remarked in jest, “are you sure you’re not pregnant?” I casually rejected her notion and let out a hearty belly laugh. After hanging up the phone, a light bulb went off about how tired and feverish I’d been feeling lately. Right away, I begged my husband to scoop up a home pregnancy test…or two.

Welcome new age digital testing! So much for having to differentiate fading pink or blue lines. It was my first time seeing a digital pregnancy test and BAM!

Moments later the test  read “PREGNANT”. A surge of shock and joy came over me and my heart began to race. “OMG, I can’t believe this is happening NOW”. Heavily preoccupied with haughty career aspirations, pregnancy had not yet made my to-do list. But ready or not, my season for parenthood had come.

Initial reactions of joy were quickly overtaken by feelings of fear, inadequacy and doubt. Yet, I instinctively knew if I wanted to have a happy, healthy pregnancy I couldn’t afford to allow my crippling fears of parenthood take hold. God had blown the whistle and it was time to take a time out from my plans in order to muster up enough faith to mentally and physically survive the 1st trimester. Since the first trimester is when you and baby are most vulnerable, I’d like to give you some of my most tangible survival tips which truly made mine a lot more manageable.

“God’s blessing of a new baby felt like more like a daunting inconvenience, until I was truly willing to release fear and surrender to His perfect timing”.

Pregnancy requires your entire life force, devoid of toxic blockages or negative emotions. In order to survive the first trimester, you must first be willing to surrender anything or anyone not serving you or the new life you’re carrying. Know that you already possess the power to be a vessel for a purpose greater than you can imagine. Be grateful for such a calling and surrender to life as it is happening now. I encourage you to allow your body to do what it was created to do without interference. Give yourself the freedom to surrender any and all dependencies on harmful substances to you and your baby. Faith Rocks because God will give you the strength to endure 10 months without abusing drugs or alcohol. You won’t believe how good it feels to experience the strength of your body in its purist form and the fullness of joy which comes from being fully present and in the moment once you’ve simply surrendered.

“Next, be open to challenge and change knowing that uncomfortable change is often the gateway for life’s greatest blessings”.

During this stage of pregnancy, discomfort is a healthy sign that the divine process of growing a baby is at work. While each woman may experience varying degrees of physical discomfort, prepare to be uncomfortable. The most crippling symptoms I experienced were that of fatigue, nausea, breast tenderness, and involuntary gagging. Good ol’ fashioned ginger ale soda and crackers weren’t quite doing the trick. I quickly began praying for God to lead me to natural remedies that would help alleviate morning sickness. As always, God answered my prayer and led me to try Sea-Bands. I cannot express my gratitude for such a life saving invention in the form of a wrist band. I truly do not know how I would have been able to carry out my normal daily activities without these miraculous bands which provided almost instant, natural relief without any side-effects!

All in all, cultivating a new life can feel like the survival of the fittest. Rightfully so, as the first trimester is when the majority of miscarriages occur. It is imperative you prepare to rest mentally, physically, and emotionally. Your body needs more energy and rest to cook up a healthy bun in the oven. I was so fatigued and in shock, it often felt as if I was having a bizarre outer body experience. Stop and give yourself the time and space to accept all that is taking place. It’s a good idea to keep your sacred news private until your body has well adjusted. While you’re at it, get a blanket for impromptu naps in the car or whenever the mood strikes 🙂


The Sea-bands Company has partnered with Faith Rocks!  I believe in this product so much, I’m sending free sea-band mama packs to ten lucky Faith Rockers who enter to win today!

How to Enter:

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2 thoughts on ““1st Trimester Survival Kit”

  1. Fern says:

    Congratulations from Uncle William and me. Joan can let you know who Uncle William is. Be blessed and we pray you will continue to enjoy this phase of your life. To God be the glory.


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