Open the Gift of Gratitude

Happy December!!!

I pray your Thanksgiving Holiday was full of rest, peace and quiet meditation. If you felt anything less than blessed over the Holiday, lack of gratitude could be the culprit. My husband and I started Thursday morning with a gratitude exercise where we both took turns saying all the things we were grateful for. We were amazed at how easy it was to come up with a laundry list of blessings, large and small, of which to be grateful. As the day progressed, I was astounded at the sobering affect the gratitude exercise was having upon my heart. As a matter of fact, an overwhelming surge of gratitude continued throughout the weekend, guiding me into deep reflection and repentance for often having an ungrateful spirit. Previously, sayings like “If the Lord never does anything else for me he has already done enough” never rang true for me due to my false sense of entitlement…ouch! It’s hard to appreciate the little things when our focus is set on personal longings. With a slight change in perspective over the weekend, I was able to deeply reflect on how gracious God has been to me throughout my entire life.

We have the power to shift the amount of joy we feel daily by simply changing our perspective. Choosing to be unhappy because we don’t have everything we want right now is like saying God’s blessings are not good enough. God desires to bless His children, abundantly. Yet, He can’t get much glory from our lives so long as we behave like ungrateful children. Imagine taking the time to create a one of a kind gift for a small child by hand. After receiving the gift, the child responds in an ungrateful manner, whining and complaining because you didn’t purchase them a generic gift from the store. While I bet you would be less inclined to create a custom made present for them again, God’s love and mercy allows Him to see us beyond our faults. Yet, we do ourselves a disservice by failing to recognize His custom blessings in small or unconventional packages. By refusing to see all of the ways we are already blessed, we are in a sense saying, we aren’t ready to be blessed with more.

Our society is addicted to a lifestyle of comparison and the pain of complaining. Nonetheless, one cannot complain and feel grateful at the same time. We have a choice, daily, to open the gift of life and look upon it with either a grateful heart or a bitter spirit. If you have trouble finding things to be grateful for, realize everything you have (life, health, strength, clothing, food, shelter)  is the hand of God resting on your life. God’s grace is not only sufficient in our weaknesses, but it is everything that we need. I encourage you to find peace in knowing you have everything you need and to be grateful for even that in which you do not have because God knows what’s best for you. We accept the gift of gratitude by simply being happy and content with the ways in which God chooses to bless us daily. Faith Rocks because life in itself is a miracle and the gift of salvation is the greatest treasure we could ever possess!

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change. James 1:7

Signing Off,

Your Faith Girl

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